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Welcome to The Perfect Gentleman -Switzerland

My name is Paul - Director and co-founder of The Perfect Gentleman – Switzerland. Based in Basel, I’m an entrepreneur on a mission to make the world a more respectful, stylish and gentlemanly place.


My passion for the finer things in life and what started off as an IG account turned into something bigger when I met Zacchary Falconer-Barfield – founder of ‘The Perfect Gentleman’ in the UK. We noticed we shared the same interests and views which led to the launch of The Perfect Gentleman – Switzerland. The first PG franchise outside the UK.


Shortly after the launch I got the opportunity to collaborate with Pernod Ricard and in 2016 hosted my first series of events -The Finer Things. Together with Pernod Ricard, we introduced our guests into the different world of spirits and how they pair with cigars. PG Switzerland works to bring people with similar interests together in a fun, relaxed, social atmosphere.

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